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Come for the adventure!
Experience the serenity.
Stay for the people.


We have regular staffing opportunities and are keen for visitors who’d like to offer new experiences for our kids. Especially talented couples as accommodation is tight.
Let us know what you can offer and I’ll add your name to the waiting list.
Eric (

Having lived and worked in remote NT since 2009 I find that Peppimenarti is the cleanest, quietest, and safest place I have visited and most people who have experienced the territory will agree. The people are friendly the children are healthy the services are functional, there are no Cheeky Dogs! There are however, various vested interest that feed on bad publicity and continually put out exaggerated press releases regarding the living conditions here and even lies about the school do not believe it, just ask Slim Dusty. Peppi is a paradise.

However some general guidelines that apply to any remote indigenous community.

Telstra is the only phone company with community coverage. (apart from satellite phones) you will need a Telstra sim.

However, do not trust everyone. Like anywhere in the world cars do get stolen and if you leave your house unlocked people will let themselves in.

It can be hot, but cover up.

Indigenous communities tend to be very polite and will not cause offence to you by commenting on your choice of clothing but, if you are respecting a respectful interaction don’t wear:

If you are thinking of staying long term in the Territory bringing a serious 4X4 vehicle is a must and four wheel driving training is recommended, the department will try to provide this training before you take up your appointment, but if not don’t hesitate to ask us for a session.

In school vehicles;

The department will relocate you from anywhere in Australia, however different contracts, times and places will entitle you to differing uplifts so just ask.


Peppi has five furnished houses for Teacher accommodation. Power and water etc are covered and all you’d need to bring is bedding. But to make it like home you can bring all your gear, however sometimes the freight trucks don’t start running till June (and stop in December) so talk it through before deciding what to bring.

Peppi has a club, in the dry you can drive to the coast and their are many scenic picnic spots but it’s a small place so don’t expect any nightlife other than the fruit bats and feral pigs.

The school has a fibre connection and reliable high speed internet and most households rely on 4g broadband or satellite connections (not provided). Merrepen homeland and Peppi school have free community WIFI access points but in the other homelands you’ll need a sat phone. The school has a Iridium Go! Satellite WIFI hotspot for each school vehicle in case of emergency.

Remote Ready, Growing up our way, Your in new country now.