Peppimenarti is the Tyemirri word for big rock, which aptly describes the view from the banks of Tom Turner’s creek on the edge of the Moyle plain 300 odd klicks southwest of Darwin. Our school has an active enrollment of around 30 local students and services a number of outstations from Nadirri northwest of here and Merrepen to the south.

Peppimenarti school is supported by West Daly Council, Deewin Kirim Aboriginal Corporation, Asyrikarrak Kirim Rangers, Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation, Peppimenarti Store, Health Clinic, Police Station, with several recreational facilities including a football oval, swimming pool, mountain-bike track, and licensed club.

Temperatures range from overnight lows of 18 degrees in the dry season (April-September) and over 40 degrees in the build-up to the wet season (October to March). The annual rainfall is approximately 600-700mm.

What to wear:
It is recommended that you wear modest clothing, which will cover the thighs, tops of arms and midriff. Remember that you are a guest on Aboriginal land it is important to dress appropriately in a way that will not offend. In Aboriginal culture, tight-fitting clothes around the thighs and groin (and sometimes upper arms) may be considered promiscuous or offensive.
Do wear:
• Loose-fitting and long styles (below the knee) of the following: shorts, skirts, pants, trousers or dresses.
• Loose shirts or T-Shirts with sleeves.
• You may be invited to sit on the ground so wear clothes that won’t cause embarrassment or discomfort in such a situation.
Don’t wear:
• Tight figure-hugging clothing eg tight jeans, hipsters, skirts.
• See-through clothing or clothing that exposes too much.

The road from Darwin is bitumen to the Daly River. Once you’ve crossed the Daly River Bridge it is 80 km of dirt road which is often impassable for weeks on end from December/January to April. 4WD is recommended at any time of the year. Directions and outstations

Principal: Eric Barrows
Phone: 08 8978 2455 (0428192234)
Private Mail Bag 49 via Winnellie NT 0822
ABN 88 225 224 900
Lot 31 (Crossroads) Peppimenarti Northern Territory
Department of Education Northern Territory Government