The Peppi School standards of Respect, Learn, and Safe were here long before I arrived in 2022 but I’m sure they ring true for all of us. For me respect is the key. Respect for the students, each and every one of whom is a person and deserves the same kindness and respect that I’d show for a leader or an elder, and respect for their families many of whom are doing it very tough in this society and all of whom have had family on this country since time began.

As principal though, respect for my staff is the strength of the school. Our staff from down south are experienced, qualified, and very dedicated to their craft as educators and their care for our children is second to none. I respect their knowledge and experience, we are not jumping on every educational bandwagon that rides past as we are professional teachers, teaching is what we know and what we do best. We are focussed on a consistent and caring curriculum extending the literacy and numeracy of our kids and we work tirelessly to engage them in our school (they are the best kids any of us have ever taught).

Our local staff are the cream of the community, they are the ones passionate about the history and culture of Peppimenarti and deserve everybody’s respect for fighting for the future of these kids and their culture. Thank you, Rosina, Mandy, Nuncy and Glenda.

Eric Barrows Principal Peppimenarti School